We’re a modern company but our convictions and values have a long tradition.
A personal, trusting relationship with our clients is sine qua non. These relationships are based on the interplay between commitment to each other and an understandable, performance-orientated strategy.
The long-term nature of our regular business relationships is outstanding in financial markets characterised by rapid change, one that is constantly in motion, where corrections are inevitable and success quite often fleeting. Sustainability can only thrive in an environment of well-founded reflection over the financial market movements. We understand investment returns as a necessary function of the risks taken, which is why dependable risk management is a key element in every investment strategy.
Our autonomy facilities true orientation on our clients. As asset managers which are not dependent on any banks, we enjoy complete freedom to select the optimal solutions. We grow, we scrutinise our processes and we consistently tailor our service portfolio to our clients’ needs.

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